Customized Solutions


Slanzi Oleodinamica designs and produces not only hydraulic components, but also solutions geared to improving performance.

Our experience and proactive approach to our partners have allowed us to develop solutions in many fields of application: agricultural tractors and sprayers, snow ploughs and salt spreaders, braking systems, earth moving machines, trimming machines and harvesting machines, as well as aerial platforms.

Agricultural Tractors

  • PTO clutch
  • Differential lock
  • Power Shuttle
  • Auxiliary movements

Agricultural Sprayers

  • Movement block (with monoblock or modular cartridge)
  • Auxiliary Movements

Snow plow – Salt spreader

  • Shovel control lock
  • Engine speed management blocks

Braking systems

Earth moving machines

  • Power supply unit
  • Cartridge blocks auxiliary movements

Trimming machines – Harvesting machines

  • Movement block (with one-piece and modular cartridge)
  • Auxiliary Movements

Aerial platforms

  • Movement block (with one-piece and modular cartridge)
  • Traction control lock