Slanzi Oleodinamica was founded in 1996 following in the footsteps of an important company operating since 1960 in the field of design and production of pumps and hydraulic distributors.

The search for new and creative hydraulic solutions specifically studied for our customers’ needs allowed us to expand in a few years the range of our products in the field of hydraulic components, in the mobile sector as well as in the industrial one.

Our attention to the evolving needs leads us to the constant search for new and specific solutions, allowing us to widen the range of applications in the hydraulic components field.

The main activity focuses on researching, developing and producing electrical valves, proportional valves, cartridge valves, flow selectors, braking systems, as well as on creating integrated and customized hydraulic circuits so as to ensure the maximum efficiency, thus ensuring the operator’s complete comfort and safety.

Our R&D and Quality Control departments ensure that the Slanzi product lacks any faults before it is marketed by means of checks, functional testing, simulations and durability tests.

Since 2000, Slanzi Oleodinamica has changed its seat and is now placed in Novellara, so as to contain new machines, equipments and work force in line with the business increase.

In 2008 the building has been widened through a specific area dedicated to the assembly department and by adding vertical storerooms for the components storing.

Since 2010, the TUV Intercert body has awarded Slanzi Oleodinamica a certification complying with the requisites for the ISO 9001:2008 regulations.



We have been selected by:

Brevini Fluid Power
BCS Group