About us

Our company was founded in 1996 in Novellara (Reggio Emilia), at the heart of an area with a long-established passion for the sector and knowledge of the production of precision mechanics and hydraulic components.

We took our first steps in the production of custom manifolds, hydraulic components and trailer braking valves and systems for agricultural tractors.

Over the years, we have always endeavoured to broaden our range of products, earning renown and appreciation for the design and production of electrical, electro-proportional and mechanical valves and cartridges, flow diverter valves, tractor and trailer braking valves and systems and integrated hydraulic systems.

We continue to believe strongly in the values that have always guided us throughout our history and development: a passion for our land and our work, which has allowed us to earn a leading position in the hydraulic sector.

Those who work and collaborate with us appreciate the importance we place on people and on sharing professional goals.

All these elements are essential to the Slanzi Oleodinamica philosophy.



We design and produce hydraulic components (electrical, electro-proportional and mechanical cartridges; flow diverter valves, tractor and trailer braking valves and systems and hydraulic components).

We manage and control the supply chain, which covers the design, production and testing of products.

The whole process is managed through a product, process and production systems quality control system.

La nostra sede



Slanzi Oleodinamica nasce nel 1996 sulla scia di una importante azienda operante fin dal 1960 nella progettazione e produzione di pompe e distributori idraulici.

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